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Equifax are an important global credit agency, and one you should pay attention to.

It's critical in managing your own credit situation that you choose the best credit report monitoring solution for you. Understanding each of the three credit bureaus, where they fit into the market and why their services might suit your situation it the key to doing that. Here we provide links to sign up to Equifax products along with overviews of what and who they are appropriate for.

The Two kinds of Equifax Credit Reporting Product

Equifax have quite a few products available for purchase, which can broadly be grouped into two distinct types. The first is for credit reports and credit scores on a one off basis, the second is for ongoing tacking of credit reports and scores- but these also include identity theft monitoring and tools that help you avoid or identify potential ID theft threats. The reason the first group of products don't include ID theft related features, is because they are simply one snapshot in time, and can't therefore alert you to things ongoing.

Our favorite Equifax Products

At the time of writing this, Equifax had 11 products available, and aside from the group distinctions outlined above, it's quite hard to get a real sense for the differences between them. So, we've decided to review those that we think deliver the most real-world value, without being over-the-top.

1. Equifax Complete Premier ($19.95 per month)

For those that fit into one of the three groups mentioned above and that don't have families, this is a very strong product and quite price competitive. It is a ongoing tracking solution rather than a one off, but this suits your situation better for a couple of key reasons:

  • Your credit report and score require close attention for some time to ensure everything gets back on track
  • You get some information from all three credit bureaus, enabling you to make sure that they are all correct
  • You get ongoing notifications of both Id theft threats, and changes to your credit score so that you can protect yourself, and ensure that you are moving toward your goals

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2. Equifax Credit Report & Score ($15.95 - individual)

The standard credit report and score product from Equifax is a very good product, and includes all most people need. For your regular joe, this is a one-off look at both your credit score and report from Equifax, and should alert you to any errors and omissions ont he report and give you a really good look at how lenders currently see you.

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choosing the right equifax product for you

One-Off Report vs Ongoing

The big difference between ongoing reporting versus one off is the price. One off reports are approximately twice as expensive per month. If you only need a one off report, then they are still cheaper. However, if you want ongoing ID theft reporting and alerts, or if your having a bid of a credit crisis of your own, the ability to monitor your report and score is extremely valuable. You can monitor gains, ensure that errors are corrected and watch your credit score grow.

Three types of people should look at a more robust product:

  • Those that have recently been turned down for credit
  • Those that have accessed this report and found more than 2 problem areas
  • Those that think that there is value to ongoing credit and ID theft monitoring and can afford $20 a month to do so.