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Experian is the Global Leader in Credit Information Services.

Your Experian credit score, and the details of your report are pretty important as they are highly likely to be referenced in many lending decisions. It's a great thing therefore that, here in the USA, we have readily available access to credit reports that include information from all 3 credit reference agencies- Experian included.

Credit reporting products and services direct from Experian are a lot more straight forward than some other providers. At the time of writing this there were only 5 products available, but they are rock solid.

Our top two Experian products

Really for us, there are two stellar products available from Experian. The first is better suited to those looking to monitor and improve their own credit score over time. The second is focused on helping customers protect their identity, and fend of ID theft and fraud attempts. The information that each product is build upon is very simlar, but it's the little differences that really make each fit for purpose. While Experian do offer one-off credit reports, report + score combo's and a multi-bureau report, we feel that the subscription services are really the strongest offerings. If you're unsure of whether you should consider an ongoing solution, or a one-off report, read our article One-Off versus Ongoing Credit Reports and we'll help you to decide based on your personal circumstances.

1. Experian Credit Tracker (£15 a month - individual)

This is the benchmark personal credit monitoring service from the global leader. While much of the data and features included are very similar to other providers, Experian is the big player globally. In addition to unlimited access to your Experian Credit Report & Score, you'll also get your Transunion and Equifax reports monitored daily with alerts to key changes.

Find our more and apply here for Experian Credit Tracker

2. ProtectMyID Identity Theft Protection ($16 a month - individual +)

Protect My ID (an Experian company) provide a fantastic anti ID-theft service with all the features you'd expect from the global number 1. Our favorite inclusion is the $1 Million ID Theft insurance cover provided as part of the standard package. It's also price competitive given its overal feature density. As said, this is aimed at people that want to ensure they're doing all the can to protect their ID from being used illegally. Given the nature of the product is does also includes access to your Experian Report and Score, as well as tracking activity on you Transunion and Equifax reports- but its primary focus is on the ID Theft detection, and prevention side.

We market this up as "individual +", in that, as standard it is for a single person- but for an additional fee, young children can be included and protected also. If you do have a young family, you should also consider the Equifax Complete Family Plan.

Find our more and apply for ProtectMyID ID Theft Protection

Do you have a Poor credit Rating

Other Experian Products

Experian offer three further products all aimed at the one-off consumer. These are really for people that don't have significant credit worries, and that haven't been turned down for credit more than once in the recent past. They are a really great sense check on where your credit report and score currently stand. They make a good annual credit health check. The three products are similar, but have 1 key difference each, as outlined here:

  1. Single Report Purchase - Buy one-time access to your credit report only. Although this comes first on our 'other list' it is not a recommendation. We really think that you need to see your score, even just once, to understand how your credit report reflects upon you. Without the Score, the report is hard to understand in the proper context. We think its worth springing the extra $5 bucks to get your score once a year. However, if you still want to proceed, you can Sign up here
  2. Report + Score - same as item 1, but includes your Experian credit score. The score really brings your report alive as it helps you understand the value of positive elements, and the cost associated with negative facts in your credit past. We recommend for one-time or once-a-year health checks, Sign up here
  3. Multi-Bureau Report & Score - this time, in addition to Experian's own report and score, you also get one-time access to your TransUnion and Equifax credit report and score. Your credit report with each will likely be different, but we'd only encourage purchase of this report if you have access to one bureau's report and have already found an error on that one. If an error needs to be disputed, you really need to ensure that its cleaned up with each of the 3 bureaus to make sure that no lender is making their decision about you with this error as a factor. Sign up here