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TransUnion are a growing global credit services and ID theft protection business, with a great product in TransUnion Total.

While TU isn't the biggest or most popular credit agency in America, they are every bit as sophisticated, are used regularly by an array of lenders, and should be taken very seriously. Current, TU offer a number of products, including the multi-bureau, which is much the same as the equivalent offering from Equifax or Experian. Where we think TransUnion have something extra to offer is in its TransUnion Total Identity Fraud/Theft protection, and credit monitoring service. It's pretty comprehensive, and family focused a lot like Equifax Complete Family Plan.

TransUnion Total Review


  • This really is a very comprehensive product with all the features you would expect in a premium Id theft service, a little bit more- including:
  • Internet Monitoring/Scanning to see if your personal information is being used illegally
  • Change of Address information - often a good indicator of Identity fraud is a change of address, TU report when this happens and you can easily sense check against reality
  • Court Record Scanning - believe it or not, TU buy data that includes scans of publicly available information about criminal's activity as recorded by courts looking for mentions of any of your personal or credit information
  • Lost wallet - if you lose your wallet, this package includes a service tat helps you cancel all of your cards and accounts quickly and easily
  • TU goes further and checks sex offender registers and notifies you of changes in your community

As far as ID theft products available across the USA, this is as good as any.

Find out more and apply for TransUnion Total here